La Mariblanca, that site surrounded by 18th Century arches, is the very heart of Aranjuez.

Jose Luis Sampedro, As Earth Spins, 1997

The Royal site of Aranjuez, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located forty five minutes south of Madrid, is a fine example of a rationally planned city with a well-defined urban center and beautiful gardens where fountains sing and trees sigh.

The proposal aims at:

  1. Granting the comprehensive and sustainable development of Aranjuez.
  2. A holistic vision of the city and its territory (the whole is greater than the sum of the parts).
  3. Preserving the Natural and Cultural Landscapes, (river banks, irrigated gardens, and gardens).
  4. Preserve the urban scale, its form and structure, character and density.


  • Calming traffic.
  • Increasing regional connectivity (Aranjuez – Madrid -Toledo).
  • Redefining access to and from Aranjuez.
  • Connecting different neighborhoods.
  • Decongesting traffic in the urban center.
  • Creating cycle lanes and pedestrian lanes in bridge.
  • Increasing parking capacity in the urban center.
  • Facilitate access to central market and Main Square.