Havana, a Caribbean Metropolis with a European influence, was spared the damage of the global urban renewal and overdevelopment of the second half of the 20th century. Even today, it keeps intact its traditional urban fabric. Its unique and appealing spirit stems not only from the well-known quality of its music and rhythms, its vibrant street life and its friendly ambiance, but also from its built environment. However, the city’s harmonious juxtaposition of different architectural styles, displayed by an impressive collection of buildings authored by world famous local and international architects, is currently threatened by overdevelopment, sprawl and neglect. A comprehensive Master Plan aimed at preserving the city’s spirit and its historic, urban and architectural legacy has been devised. It is intended to encourage Havana’s future urban and economic development, while respecting its spirit and remaining true to its history, its people’s idiosyncrasies and its landscapes. The plan acknowledges Havana’s readiness for a sensitive change and renovation according to sustainable principles that reconcile human needs with ecological imperatives. It envisions Havana’s survival as an urban place with a strong cultural identity. For the first time, it provides a comprehensive and long term vision that guarantees total connectivity and a seamless urban layout. The plan deals with the oldest areas by creating buffer zones that grant urban continuity, as well as social and cultural integration.