Client: City of Birmingham, MI
Firm: DPZ & Co.
Work performed: Consultant for the Birmingham Summary Report Downtown 2016. Assessment and Future Goals
Project Description: An overview of observations about the present and recommendations for the future, based on working sessions and a series of public meetings reviewed progress to date and outlined future issues. Streets and Streetscapes. Policy Recommendations. Design Guidelines.

Downtown Birmingham’s success should be Replicated.
The Triangle District is key to improve connections between the West and the East for it needs a holistic vision. Landscape redesign is of the essence.

Birmingham’s grid brings in high real estate values where restaurants are successful destinations but Shain Park, its core, lacks meaningful civic infrastructure. Hence, the revitalization of the Baldwin Public Library is key and also The Triangle District’s development. Walkability, mixed-use and high quality streetscapes should be encouraged.

Adapt existing housing for an aging population. Allow every house to build a floor area ratio
exempted master bedroom with a bathroom on the first floor to provide multi-generational housing and should be a civil right to be included in the codes. Relax setbacks.